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carisma sca-1e coyote kit 1/10scale (wb 285)

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carisma adventure

sca-1e coyote kit 1/10scale (wb 285)

– New Combined Battery & Chassis Mounted Servo Mount
– Optimized battery positions for forward weight bias, and chassis servo mount improved the scale looks. It also acts as a chassis brace and stops excessive lateral chassis flex.
– New stiffer, multi-position shock towers offer better upper shock mount positional tuning and minimal flex, even under extreme loads when crawling. Combined with the CMS mount they stiffen the chassis and ensure the shocks themselves work more effectively.
– New Symmetrical Chrome Beadlock Wheels can be easily weighted, offer scale looks & beadlock versatility. They can be split by removing just 5 bolts, then weighted and re-assembled in minutes.
– The New ‘AT-AT’ (All Terrain Adventure Tyres) offer improved traction on a wide variety of surfaces. The compound balances wear rate with all-round traction.
– New Alloy Threaded Bodied Coil-over Shocks
– Shock damping can be fine-tuned with silicon oil & spring rate. Pre-load and ride height can be adjusted via threaded bodies, and re-builds kept to a minimum due to improved shock design and integrity.
– Clear Coyote Shell with Accessories for Maximum Build Versatility. The uncut, clear Lexan Shell can be painted, weathered and detailed to your own design. It comes complete with moulded wing mirrors, rear view mirror, light buckets, door handles, grille, headlamp lenses, tail lights, windscreen wipers & official Coyote/Karmadaz decal sheet.


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